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Instrumental rock from the land of a thousand lakes.

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On the Rocks (2017)  Reetta Tulemo


The Story of John Doe

(November 2014)


Feel the Breeze 3:01

Day at the Beach 2:39

Funhouse 2:20

The Story of John Doe 3:51

Nomad 3:40


Juha Siirilä: Guitars
Janne Boman: Bass
Jyri Salmi: Drums
Olli-Pekka Ollikainen: Rhythm guitars on “Feel the Breeze”

Music by Juha Siirilä
Produced by Juha Siirilä
Recorded by Juha Siirilä and Jukka Packalen in various sessions and locations around Helsinki, Finland, between May 2013 – May 2014
Mixed and mastered by Jukka Packalen at Maahir Music Services, Helsinki, Finland
Art direction by Juha Siirilä

The Story of John Doe cover
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Melodic Soloists

(January 2010)

Compilation album showcasing 17 instrumental artists around the world delivering melodic guitar-driven instrumental rock. Released by Mad Guitar Records.

Artists in order of appearance: Mr. Fastfinger (FIN), Stephane Dufour (CAN), Jose de Castro (ESP), Magnus Olsson (SWE), ED To Shred (USA), Roo (FIN/FRA), Tony Smotherman (USA), Jerry Jennings (USA), Porty (ESP), Federico Miranda (CRI), Scott Allen (USA), DIP (FIN), Karmattitude (FRA), Ponch Satrio (IDN), Kris Barras (GBR), Guitarsnake (FRA), Rick Graham (GBR)


Feel the Breeze 3:04


Juha Siirilä: Guitars, bass and drum programming

Music by Juha Siirilä
Produced by Romain "Roo" Chapus
Recorded by Aleksi Ahokas at Kampin Demostudio in Helsinki, Finland, in September 2009
Mixed and mastered by Chris Beaver, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Art direction by Juha Siirilä

Melodic Soloists cover
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DIP’s Juha can write a helluva riff, and he has talent for developing an aggro, repeating line into a melodic adventure. He also holds off the shred tactics until he has won your interest, which makes his crescendo a real treat, instead of just “more of the same.” Bravo!

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Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief
On the song “Feel the Breeze”
(Guitar Player, April 2010)

Live at Bar Loose (2013)

Bar Loose (2013)  Tommi Viitala




Hard Rock House (2022)  Antti Ojajärvi

On the Rocks (2017)  Reetta Tulemo



DIP is an instrumental rock group based in Helsinki, Finland.

Headed by guitarist-songwriter Juha Siirilä, the band performs catchy guitar-driven music, drawing influences from hard rock and rock to country and blues.

The song “Feel the Breeze” debuted on Mad Guitar Records’ “Melodic Soloists” compilation album released in January 2010. DIP’s debut EP, “The Story of John Doe”, was released in November 2014.

Rounding out the four-piece group are bass player Janne Boman, drummer Jyri Salmi and rhythm guitarist Olli-Pekka Ollikainen. The line-up has been playing the Helsinki club circuit since 2010.

Live at Club Liberté (2010)

Club Liberté (2010)  Risto Kokkonen


Juha Siirilä

(Lead guitar)

Inspired lately by
Greg Koch, Nuno Bettencourt

Favorite piece of gear
Ibanez JEM77BRMR

Janne Boman


Favorite piece of gear
VOX amPlug for Bass

Jyri Salmi


Favorite piece of gear
Balbex KS Fusion Hickory Drumsticks

Olli-Pekka Ollikainen

(Rhythm guitar)

Favorite piece of gear
Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

Live at Club Liberté (2011)

Club Liberté (2011)  Irina Ahonen

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